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Policies & Procedures

Before Move-In

Security Deposits are due at the time you sign your lease. Each tenant will owe security deposit in the amount of one month’s rent. We will also need a copy of your driver’s license. Please remember to bring both to your appointment so as not to slow the signing process.

First Month’s Rent is due prior to move-in. Each tenant is required to pay the entire month’s rent for the first month of their lease prior to picking up keys.

Last Month’s Rent is due prior to move-in. Each tenant is required to pay the rent for the last month of their lease prior to picking up keys.

Professional Cleaners have cleaned your home or apartment. However, a light dusting may be needed once you move in due to being vacant for the summer. All of our houses are videotaped before and after each move-in/move-out. This is to ensure proof of the condition of the property. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with the presentation of your home or apartment please call the office so we can address it immediately.

Carpet Cleaning Guidelines: Your carpet has been professionally cleaned prior to your move in.

Move-In Procedures

Move-In Packet will be provided to the first person from your house to picks up keys. Inside you will find helpful information for move-in. You will also find a move-in checklist. Please fill this out and return it, along with your smoke detector/carbon monoxide addendum, within 7 days. Forms will not be accepted after that and a fine of $50.00 will be assessed if both documents are not returned.

Keys can be picked up at our office on the day your lease starts after 9:00 am as long as EACH person has paid their security deposit, last month’s rent, and first month’s rent in FULL. If any portion remains unpaid, no one will be allowed to pick up keys. Keys can either be picked up individually, or the first roommate can take all of them.

Utilities need to be scheduled to be turned on the day the lease starts. Please call the respective company during the summer months and have it scheduled in advance to avoid a delay in service.

Ameren CIPS (Electric and Gas) 1-888-789-2477
Macomb City Waterworks
The water dept requires a deposit of $100.00, before signing up for service.
Comcast Cable 1-309-833-4539
Verizon Phone Service 1-800-483-4000


During Your Time With Us

Cleaning Guidelines: We expect you to continue to keep a clean property. When we say clean we mean deep cleaning: sinks, floors, etc. If you keep things generally clean during the course of your lease, it will be a lot easier to clean at the time of move-out.

Rent is due on the 1st of the month. If it is not paid after the grace period, there will be a late fee accessed (in accordance of your lease). You can bring it into the office or if paying after business hours, use our drop box on the North side of the building (do not drop cash). You may also mail it to STC Investments, P.O. Box 595, Macomb, IL 61455. We accept cash, check, money order and Visa/Mastercard. If using a debit/credit card, there will be a 3% charge assessed. We also offer automated (ACH) payments from your savings or checking account via your tenant portal.

Subletting is permitted with STC approval. You are responsible for finding a subleasor. It is your responsibility to determine and ensure your subleasor is reliable. When you sublease to someone, you can still be held responsible for anything that may occur until the lease is over.

Lease Renewal will be offered to current tenants for the following year. For our college rentals, we will need your decision by October 1st. We understand this is very soon after you’ve settled in with us, but this is also our busiest time of the year with people seeking housing for the next fall. We try to schedule showings during office hours, with an occasional evening and weekend appointment. You will also be notified 24 hours in advance of a showing with a STC representative always present.

Work Order Requests should be called into our office at (309)836-6300 or placed online via the tenant portal. Under no circumstances should a request be directed to a maintenance employee, despite their courtesy and acknowledgement of the work. Proper paperwork is used to track maintenance jobs from start to finish.

Pets are not allowed unless you have permission from STC Investments, have a Pet Addendum on file signed by all roommates, and have paid a non-refundable pet fee. If you know you would like to have a pet, please inform us before your appointment to view houses, so we show you only pet friendly properties.

Renter’s Insurance is recommended. STC Investments only carries insurance on the structure and appliances provided by our company. Renters Insurance will cover your personal belongings if something were to happen, including but not limited to fire, flood, tornado, and theft. Check your parent’s home owner’s policy for coverage while you are a full time student.

Lawncare will be provided by STC Investments. We ask that you keep trash picked up at all times in your yard. The yard is your responsibility, even if the trash was left by a litterbug. If you have pets please clean up after their potty breaks. If we have to contact anyone regarding these issues, there will be fines accessed, in accordance to the lease.

Snow and Ice Removal are your responsibility. We advise you to buy a snow shovel and salt for those blustery winter months.

Move-Out Procedures

Past Due Balances for all tenants need to be addressed with the office prior to move-out. Keep in mind each tenant is equally responsible for one another’s balance until paid in full. This is your responsibility as a joint lessee.

Please treat our property as if it were your own. We ask that our rental properties are returned to us in a respectful manner as STC strives to deliver properties in top condition.

Macomb’s Annual City Wide Spring Clean Up will be held toward the end of the semester, (normally the week of graduation). At this time, residents can dispose of all trash, including unwanted furniture and appliances. Trash needs to be put at the edge of the curb no more than 24 hours before your normally scheduled day. Contact STC Investments or Macomb City Waterworks for dates of pickup.

Keys should be returned to the office or dropped off in our drop box inside an envelope with your name, Macomb address and home/forwarding address. Keys MUST NOT be left in the property or you will be charged. If a key is lost, please notify our office staff as soon as possible.

Carpet Cleaning is required upon move-out. You can either hire a professional carpet company yourself and provide us with the receipt or we will can deduct the cost from your security deposit. Renting a carpet machine does not classify as a professional service.